What Have We Built?

A suite of tools available after Kpass public mint to revolutionise how you buy, sell and hold Solana NFTs.


  • Exclusive alpha chat
  • Upcoming solana mints
  • Find cool market trends


  • Import NFTs from multiple wallets in seconds
  • Data driven decisions for buying and selling
  • Compare secondary market floor prices
  • Watchlist project tracker
  • Track prices paid, dates bought & sold
  • Mobile optimised


  • Live floor price alerts with direct link to buy
  • Bid/Sold offer alerts for secondary markets listings
  • Watchlist floor alerts
  • Upcoming mint alerts


  • Past project insight
  • Live multiple secondary market floor
  • Direct link to all secondary markets

Our Roadmap

Stage 1 Community Brand Build
  • Upcoming NFT drops Calendar
  • Co-host The Morning Mint on Twitterspaces
  • Doxxing: Radrugs Audit in progress
Stage 2 Build Portfolio
  • Your own NFT "Smart" portfolio
  • Track NFT prices across multiple secondary markets
Stage 3 Build App Alerts
  • Snipe deals - Custom notifications for floor price & more
  • Never miss a mint - alerts before mint
  • Collaborations with other projects ongoing
Stage 4 (Mint) Launch
  • 5th Feb 18:20 UTC Pre-Sale Mint - The Brain NFT for Whitelist
  • 5th Feb 19:20 UTC Public Mint - KPass + Brain NFT
  • Both NFTs gives holders access to the K-Labs suite of intelligence tools post public mint.
  • Immediately listed on secondary markets after each of the two mints are sold out e.g Magic Eden, Solanart
  • V1 - Tools access post public mint available for all NFT owners
Stage 5 Extra Features and Verification
  • Matrica or similar verification for holders
  • Matrica or similar verified Alpha chat
  • Monthly giveaways with prizes voted for by Kpass holders
Stage 6 (Post Mint)

Shortly after Kpass public mint

  • Alerts for your NFTs that have sold & received offers
  • Other options for alerts i.e by email, sms etc

Expand to be the largest community driven tools provider on the Solana blockchain.

Continue to build and improve K-Labs

Kpass owners will vote on what tools are developed next for holders.

The Team

We like to do things the right way... for us, our community is everything. You already know us from our upcoming mint calendar & The Morning Mint show on TwitterSpaces.

Super experienced & close-knit team working full-time for you, and NOT a side-hustle!


The ideas man, serial NFT & crypto trader. Years of marketing & product build experience. Co-host of "The Morning Mint"


Over 19 years experience - technical product owner & full stack digital marketer within successful global start-ups.


Specialist Front end Dev (full-time)

8+ years of strong experience developing cutting edge web applications.


Back end Dev (full-time)

14+ years designing and integrating high-load applications. A colleague of the co-founders for over 5 years.


Full Stack Web3 Block-chain Developer

Rezza & team (full-time)

Our stellar researchers know all the latest upcoming mints so you never miss a thing.


Our 3d animation ninja

Frequently Asked Questions

What is K-Labs?

An NFT tools project built on the Solana blockchain for newbies to whales that will provide tools immediately after mint to revolutionise how you buy, hold and manage Solana NFTs helping you act on important signals at the right time.

Why Should I Mint KPass?

The KPass NFT will give you exclusive access to the K-Labs suite of tools. Post mint, funds will be used to continue evolve the tools based on owner feedback.

When is mint?

Feb 2022

How much will the mint cost?

Public - 3 per wallet
Kpass + (88 Brains) + Any Brains leftover from presale
Date: 5th Feb 19:20 UTC
Cost: ◎1.8 Solana

Contact Us

Want to get in touch?
Contact us at info@kupicrypto.com